Meet Tina Hay, Founder and CEO of CardBlanc

Tina Hay

Tina Hay, Founder and CEO of CardBlanc, comes from a diverse background that encompasses film, technology and finance. Prior to CardBlanc, she co-founded and was President of, Editor of CityTripping Los Angeles: Your Guide to Restaurants, Nightlife,Shopping, Culture, Fitness and Hotels, and Founder of Platinum Test Group. Tina also created and runs the environmental conservation group, All You Need is One. She holds a B.A. from UCLA and an MBA from Harvard University.

It’s a pleasure to feature Tina Hay and CardBlanc on this blog post.

Tell our readers how you conceived the idea for Cardblanc.

I have been passionate about payments since my first credit card at age 13.  Remarkably, there have been few improvements to the commoditized world of cards and banking in the last 50 years.  Having worked in finance, it was clear to me that most people never learn the basics of money management, as it can be intimidating and often times overwhelming.  Although there may be an abundance of financial capital, there is an absence of intellectual capital, especially when it comes to young adults and millennials. CardBlanc brings all of these elements together to create an empowering, educational and engaging experience in personal finance.  Our mission is to give members the best financial services and shopping experience that they can find anywhere and to also provide them with the resources needed to make informed money decisions.

How does Cardblanc work?

CardBlanc ( is a universal payment card.  Members can use the card to pay for anything, anywhere. We are recreating the American Express experience for young adults and millennials.

Download the app and receive a virtual card with your name and a unique card number.  Load funds or request funds from friends or parents.  Search our curated shopping platform or see what’s trending, select your favorite products, and earn points for every purchase.

We have also launched a financial literacy platform called Napkin Finance– a quick and easy guide to everything you need to know about money in 30 seconds or less, .

What message do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

It’s a great time to start a business. Technology is inexpensive and there are so many incredible resources available to build a company. I would say the most important message would be to find great people. There is nothing more critical to the success of a  business than having good people behind it.



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