Meet Lily Gilani

Lily Gilani

Lily Gilani has lived in the 33rd Congressional District for over 25 years. With the support of hard-working parents and a country that provides limitless opportunity, Lily Gilani graduated from Harvard Law School. She is CEO and co-founder of A former Adjunct Professor of Law at Whittier Law School and Vice President for Legal Affairs at, Lily was inspired to give back to her community, so she co-founded, a digital platform that seeks to make quality legal help more accessible to everyone.

Here’s what you need to know about Lily:

What is your education and background?

My undergraduate degree is from Cal Lutheran University with a minor in English. I have a J.D. degree from Whittier Law School as well as LL.M in International Law from Harvard University.

How and when did you become interested in politics?

I graduated in 1993 and have been a practicing lawyer since then. My focus has always been on health and international law. I was Vice President of legal affairs at Sleep and CEO and co-founder of which attempts to make law more accessible to everyone. Through our site people can Skype and video conference with an attorney or with several attorneys from their home or office. The site provides  instant appointment setting and a directory of lawyers, cutting the stress of driving and parking the car and saving time.

What is your platform and issues that interest you?

My platform is the future of our country.  I am concerned about the direction of the country is headed as well as the economy and our education system that is lagging behind the rest of the world. We are number seventeen in reading skills and number twenty three in math. We need to change that and make it better for our children, helping them enter the workplace, not just in California, but in the rest of the country.  I am also worried about world affairs and our banking system. I have a plan for reducing our debt. We have lost industries and businesses in the past 20 years in Los Angeles. We need to reduce taxes, improve job opportunities, reduce regulations and red tape to make sure that businesses remain here.

What is your advice to the young generation, especially to those interested in a career in politics?

The main reason that I am running for office is that I am a mother and the opportunities that were available to me as an immigrant is not available to my children in today’s public schools.  My advice is to know about the issues and decisions that go on in Washington that will affect them and their future. They need to be involved and they need their voices to be heard. I strongly urge everyone to vote.  For example, I am concerned about the future of HAIS programs which help minorities such as Jewish families to restart their lives. Congress is looking to limit this funding. I believe that some of the best talent can be found through these programs that open the possibilities for the young Iranian community.  It’s important to know that this is a historic moment because the incumbent, Congressman Waxman has retired and there are 18 candidates running in this race. If all the Iranians get together and vote we will win. We need 25,000 votes to make it past the primary.


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