Meet Angella Nazarian

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Angella Nazarian is a noted speaker and best-selling author.  Her works include: Pioneers of the Possible  (2012), Life As a Visitor (2009), and is featured in Love and Pomegranates (2013).  She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Maria Shriver’s The Open Field Network and Positively Positive. She is the co-founder of Women A.R.E. and Looking Beyond.
Here are the five questions for Angella:
When did you move to the United States?
I moved to the United States in December of 1978.
 What is your education and background?
 My graduate degree is in Organizational Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.
 How did you become interested in writing?
 It was a byproduct of my curiosity to start a new skill.  Prior to that I had taken art history classes as well as classes at the Jungian Institute.  Then I decided to take up writing as a new skill.  I took Jack Grapes’ method writing class and everybody encouraged me to publish my work.  I wanted my kids to have the document of their family’s successes and struggles.  I took a leap of faith and wrote a proposal, interested in finding out what would happen.
 How did you find a publisher?
I went to a Book Expo where I prepared a proposal for a slam/pitch event.  Four or five agents were interested in my story.  I had a chance meeting with the Assouline publisher and gave him my manuscript.  My first book was a bestseller for them and for my second book I featured strong women of the 20th century and brought their stories to life.  I’m now looking forward to writing my third book.
How do you manage your time between family and career?
As a young mother I tried to hold on to my job on a part-time basis so that I could be there for my kids and their routines.  As they grew up I had more time and it became more organic.  I had more time to do interesting things.  I’m project driven and I am happiest when I’m busy.  Of course, it’s very important to have a good spouse and family that support you.  It definitely makes things easier.
 What advice do you have for young professionals?
My advice is to be inquisitive and curious.  I’ve learned that it’s okay to take chances – the down side is very little – doors will open that otherwise would not have if you hadn’t tried.  I really believe that you have to love what you do.

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  1. Honoring 20 of the world’s most inspiring women, Pioneers of the Possible profiles leading female figures of the past century through today.

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