Meet Shida Shirazi, CEO and Founder of

Shida Shirazi

IranianHotlinecom was launched 10 years ago by Shida D. Shirazi, with the goal of providing the Iranian American community around the clock information.

Since its inception, IranianHotline has been supported by numerous organizations, event holders, artists, businesses, professionals and thousands of daily visitors from the Iranian American community.

The IranianHotline email list currently holds over 11,000 active members, who receive weekly e-newsletters highlighting events, community news, art, organizations’ activities and announcements.  IranianHotline weekly e-newsletters provide a superior mode of reaching the Iranian American community.

Several organizations such as the Los Angeles Film Festival, AFI, the Skirball Cultural Center, LACMA and other art festivals rely on the website to provide the most effective outreach to the Iranian American community.  They regularly invite IranianHotline to sponsor and promote their events.

During the past ten years, IranianHotline has played an integral role in connecting organizations, artists and businesses to the Iranian American community by assisting non-profit organizations, helping people find jobs, and promoting artists, to name a few examples of philanthropic activities of the IranianHotline website.

IranianHotline was awarded a certificate of appreciation from CENSUS as well as the American Cancer Society.

Shida is the executive producer for the Iranian American Professionals Directory ( a quarterly journal).  She has also been an active board member of the Iranian American Parents Association.

I had a chance to meet and interview Shida Shirazi recently and ask her the five questions:

How did you come up with the idea for the

I saw the need for information that would be accessible all the time.  For example, I would be driving and listening to the radio and could not write down the information and phone numbers of businesses and events.  I wanted to create a website to publicize information about upcoming events, concerts, conferences and community needs.

What is your background and education?

I majored in Computer Engineering and graduated from the Aryamehr {Sharif} University of Tehran.  I moved to the United States after graduation and I have been working on application programming and website design since then.

What was your goal in creating the Professionals Journal?

My goal is to create a base for young professional Iranians where they can introduce themselves to the community via the journal as well as in digital format.  Their information is easily accessible.  The newly created Professionals Blog is a cutting edge service where Iranian American professional can post their blogs and connect with other professionals as well as with the public.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Persistence and commitment are key factors as well as having a realistic vision.  Moreover, try to welcome all feedback – listen and learn from constructive criticism, and don’t take negative feedback personally.  Commitment, dedication and networking are important elements for success.  Honesty and ethics are very important as well.

How do businesses contact you?

They can contact me at in order to set up an account for their business listing.  Events are free of charge whereas a business listing is done for a nominal fee.


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